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Enhance Your Farm And Contain Your Livestock With Agricultural and Animal Fencing Solutions

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Mapledale Fencing has been helping Central Pennsylvania farmers with attractive, functional, and fairly priced fencing solutions for nearly two decades.

Known for its rich agricultural heritage, farmers and landowners in Central Pennsylvania rely on our sturdy and dependable fencing solutions to protect their crops, livestock, and property from potential threats.

Farm Fencing Options for Discerning Farmers and Hobbyists

Mapledale Fencing installs several types of agricultural fencing commonly used in Central PA, each designed to cater to specific needs and challenges faced by farmers. We do:

High-Tensile Electric Fencing:

High-tensile electric fencing combines strength and electric shock to create a formidable barrier, providing excellent containment for larger livestock and enhancing security on agricultural properties.

Woven Wire or Box Wired Fencing

Durable and versatile, woven wire fencing is a reliable choice for containing smaller animals like poultry, goats, sheep, and pigs.

Post and Rail or Split Rail Fencing

This classic and aesthetically pleasing fencing option is popular for defining property lines and providing a subtle boundary without obstructing views, useful with livestock when paired with woven mesh attached to the interior.

Board Fences

Board fences, also known as plank fences consist of horizontal wooden boards attached to sturdy posts, creating a resilient and visually appealing boundary often used on horse farms.

How to Get Farm Fencing From Mapledale Fencing

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Sit back and let us handle the installation of your farm’s new fence! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with experienced installation, and the beauty of all our fencing solutions.

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Expertise in Farm Fencing Solutions

With years of experience serving farmers, gardeners, and hobby animal operations in Central PA, Mapledale Fencing's professionals have the knowledge in farm fencing solutions you’re looking for. We understand the unique challenges and requirements faced by farmers and animals of all kinds, creating tailored and effective fencing solutions that cater specifically to your farm's needs.

Quality Materials And Craftsmanship

From sturdy posts to durable boards and wires, our fencing solutions are built to withstand the rigors of agricultural environments. Combined with years of skilled craftsmanship, you can trust that your farm fence installation will be done with precision and attention to detail, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

Customizable Solutions

Every farm is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach to fencing won't do. Mapledale Fencing understands the importance of tailoring solutions to individual farm layouts, livestock types, and specific access needs. We can help with livestock chutes, corals and pens, gates of all sizes, and more.

Secure Your Farm with Dependable Fencing

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Enhance your farm’s safety and productivity with premium farm fencing solutions from Mapledale Fencing. 

Whether you need to contain livestock, protect crops, or delineate boundaries, our expert team is ready to provide reliable and customized fencing options tailored to your farm’s unique needs.